Frequently Asked Questions
What is (or old name: QRWrapper) is a Polygon blockchain NFT based URL shortener service with marketplace decentralized system, QR code generator, analitycs and more.


First, let's start with some background on what blockchain and NFTs are. Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized ledger technology that allows for secure and transparent recording of transactions. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain.

Key features:

  • Increased security and transparency - Because the NFTs are stored on a decentralized blockchain, they are more resistant to hacking and other attacks. Additionally, the use of blockchain technology ensures that the transaction history of the NFT is transparent and easily auditable.
  • Unique digital assets - Each NFT represents a unique digital asset, which can be traded or sold on blockchain marketplaces.
  • Increased control - With a blockchain-based URL shortener service, users have more control over their URLs, as they are stored in a decentralized manner and can be easily accessed using the NFT.
  • Your minted short URL is permanent, soldable in Opensea and own marketplace.
  • Smallest and therefore the best scannable QR codes below 4 char custom dynamic URL.
How to use web 3.0 site?
What is the difference compared to other NFT? NFT contains some extra features e.g.: store the unique link string in blockchain, ipfs metadata contains the custom link string length, a security cheksum.

Why should I use QRW-io?

You can change the shared or printed URL or QR code link anytime, therefore the content behind the URL can be replaced at any time afterwards.

The dynamic URL comes with analytics, from which you can find out how many times and from which region the QR code was scanned or the link was clicked.

Unlike other short URLs, this one is yours forever and you can sell it anytime on Opensea or QRW-io own marketplace.

You can create the best smallest and scannable QR codes with 1-3 legth string.

What is the price?

The minting price depend on the file size and the actual price of MATIC token eg.:

  • =1 character: 5000 MATIC ~
  • =2 character: 4000 MATIC ~
  • =3 character: 3000 MATIC ~
  • =4 character: 500 MATIC ~
  • =5 character: 90 MATIC ~
  • =6 character: 80 MATIC ~
  • =7 character: 70 MATIC ~
  • =8 character: 60 MATIC ~
  • =9 character: 50 MATIC ~
  • =10 character: 40 MATIC ~
  • =11 character: 18 MATIC ~
  • =12 character: 9 MATIC ~
  • =13 character: 8 MATIC ~
  • =14 character: 7 MATIC ~
  • =15 character: 6 MATIC ~
  • =16 character: 5 MATIC ~
  • =17 character: 4 MATIC ~
  • =18 character: 3 MATIC ~
  • =19 character: 2 MATIC ~
  • =20 or higher character: 1 MATIC ~

+transaction fee ~0.000086 MATIC ~

The system automatically calculate the price, what is show above the CREATE DIGITAl ASSET 

Other costs:

  • Change the NFT publicity: 1 MATIC ~
  • Delegate your NFT token to the public market : 2 MATIC ~ listing price: 3% of the selling price
+transaction fee ~0.000086 MATIC ~